Monitoring for Biologics

Monitoring storage, handling and transport of your biologics to maintain integrity and safety.

A continuous monitoring system for a biologics facility is a critical piece in the overall process of developing technologies and products that help improve patients’ lives. Rules and regulations are put forth by various organizations such as the FDA and the EMA to maintain documentation of the environment in the facility 24/7.

SenseAnywhere provides that continuous monitoring capability in a digital and wireless avenue. The risk of inaccurate readings and missing outages that could prevent the development of your biologics is mitigated by this continuous monitoring system. SenseAnywhere is a robust, secure, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant temperature, humidity, and CO2 monitoring system that helps maintain compliance and meet regulatory standards for your biologics products and facilities.

Key Highlights to SenseAnywhere

10-year battery life

Wireless via ISM band at 915 MHz

-200°C to +200°C compatible

Logs data for up to 2-months during network or power interruptions

Cloud-based, secure and compliant

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Gain 24/7 insight into your facility with immediate alarm notifications via text, e-mail or phone to properly address the situation. See how the system works. 



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