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Monitor your critical environment conditions anytime, anywhere with a cloud-based solution

For as long as critical materials have been shipped and stored, environmental monitoring has been needed. Whether you’re shipping pharmaceuticals or maintaining a warehouse, you are risking costly mistakes if you aren’t using a monitoring system. A sound monitoring system protects consumer safety, eliminates unnecessary waste, and safeguards a business’s assets (and reputation!).

Monitoring today looks quite different from the past systems, but the basic principle remains the same, ensuring that sensitive products remain in their intended condition. Today’s monitoring offers peace of mind in addition to preventive measures, comprehensive data, and many other efficiencies. While it may sound expensive and challenging to install a system with such features, it’s quite the opposite with SenseAnywhere, an easy-to-use, inexpensive, and highly efficient cloud-based monitoring system.

SenseAnywhere allows us to tailor our approach to each customer’s conditions and provide reliable, high-quality Masy service. We are so confident in this system that we also use it ourselves.

SenseAnywhere is the Next Generation in Monitoring

SenseAnywhere is a comprehensive, cloud-based monitoring system that monitors temperature, humidity, CO2, door activation, and water exposure. The system is the latest in low-power monitoring systems, making it a flexible and affordable option amongst many other inputs.

Masy customers appreciate that they can track their products in real-time. With older systems, the data was stored on-site, making it a challenge to rectify excursions in a timely manner. In a cloud-based system, customers can easily access trending data and condition alerts from their phones or laptops. Customers also like that they can also easily tag and segment sensor data by geographic location, asset type, or condition (temperature, humidity, CO2). SenseAnywhere’s ability to be validated is a massive plus.

A Monitoring System for the Life Sciences

In the pharma industry, the correct environmental conditions can be the difference between the efficacy in a life-saving drug and waste. Unfortunately, one pharma company learned this first-hand after a legacy system failed to alert them to a temperature excursion. The team lost decades of research and destroyed potential treatment for sick people. This devastating mistake led to an expensive waste removal bill and a lot of damage to their reputation. Once they deployed SenseAnywhere, they no longer feared a massive failure and could ensure product safety and efficacy.


A continuous monitoring system for a biologics facility is a critical piece in the overall process of developing technologies and products that help improve patients’ lives. Rules and regulations are put forth by various organizations such as the FDA and the EMA to maintain documentation of the environment in the facility 24/7.


In cold chain logistics, environmental conditions are everything, so it’s critical to use a monitoring system that’s reliable and accurate. SenseAnywhere is the perfect solution for our clients in this fast-moving industry. To quickly and easily obtain temperature records, ensuring integrity throughout the journey. SenseAnywhere is the best option in cold chain logistics.

For decades, the warehousing industry has relied on antiquated wired monitoring systems with expensive servers and complex software. Warehousing clients can be resistant to make such a massive shift to a wireless system, but once they do, they can’t believe the possibilities. When your warehouse decides to make a move to SenseAnywhere, you’ll be amazed at what this system can do and for such a low cost.

With SenseAnywhere, you never have to worry about such costly mistakes again. This cutting-edge system provides a highly accurate and low-cost monitoring solution that makes temperature and humidity monitoring simple.

The Solution for Your Monitoring Needs

At Masy, we like that SenseAnywhere has a full line of cloud-capable temperature monitoring systems, allowing us to offer our customers a solution specific to their needs. Whether you are looking for alternatives after a legacy system malfunctioned or your company is shifting to GMP, we are confident that a SenseAnywhere product can help.

SenseAnywhere offers the following advantages:


Customers love that SenseAnywhere is a true DIY system that’s simple to install, not requiring any professional installation. The data loggers are easy to configure and deploy, with activation taking as little as 5 minutes. Once installed, the system is straightforward, quickly allowing the user to set up alerts, monitor in real-time, and view trends. Gone are the days of waiting to download data and discovering a time-delayed failure. The cloud-connected design automatically uploads your data to a secure web portal for easy, error-free reporting at the touch of a button.

SenseAnywhere’s most differentiating feature is that it is cloud-based—a huge shift from the past systems. It collects environmental data in real-time, storing it in a secure portal for easy access and review. Customers can receive instant alerts when conditions exceed the limits and make changes in a reasonable time. The system also monitors long-term trends, which is an incredible asset, as it allows for predictive monitoring to catch issues before system malfunction occurs.

Gone are the days where you replace the battery after one use. When considering a monitoring system, the most important factor is reliability; you want to ensure that your system is still working if the power goes out or the network fails. That’s why SenseAnywhere’s long battery life is such a game-changer. If network connectivity is lost, the dataloggers will continue to store your data internally and automatically upload your data to your online dashboard when connectivity is restored. SenseAnywhere dataloggers also have 60-day memory. SenseAnywhere is scalable, which is essential for growing biopharmas, warehouses with facilities of multiple sizes, hospitals in various locations, or anyone needing flexibility.

Probably the one thing customers are most surprised about with SenseAnywhere is the cost. A system so efficient and high-tech may sound expensive, but since it operates wirelessly, there is a low cost of ownership. Customers appreciate no wires to install, software packages to purchase, or costly maintenance to consider. Also, the long battery life of the dataloggers means customers don’t have to replace expensive batteries constantly.


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