Relative Humidity Calibration

Calibrating Critical Relative Humidity Standards and Sensors

Accurate humidity measurement is critical because it supports the stability, controllability, and repeatability of your moisture-sensitive production processes. When these measurements are off, the entire production line of pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology products may be compromised. Correct humidity standards and sensors are significant in biopharma applications such as incubators, stability chambers, and drying rooms.

Relative Humidity Calibration Capabilities

Masy’s relative humidity calibration capabilities include 10–95% RH at 0 °C–70 °C, all NVLAP accredited (NVLAP lab code 200904-0). For exceptional accuracy and SI traceability, we perform all calibrations with the two-pressure Thunder Scientific 2500 humidity chamber.

The Thunder Scientific humidity chamber is Masy’s most trusted primary standard for calibration projects. We provide you with calibrations that will improve your moisture-sensitive environments and products.

RH Primary and Reference Standards

Instrument Type

  • Humidity Chambers
  • Humidity Generators

Common Manufacturers

  • E+E Elektronik
  • GE Panametrics
  • GEO Calibration
  • Rotronic
  • Thunder Scientific
  • Vaisala

Environmental Monitoring Systems

Common Manufacturers

  • SenseAnywhere
  • Hanwell

RH and Dew Point Sensors

Humidity Sensor Type

  • Chart Recorders
  • Dew Point Meters
  • Hygrometers (Digital and Analog)
  • Handheld Meters
  • Humidity Transmitters
  • Hygrothermographs
  • Process Gauges
  • Wireless Dataloggers

Common Manufacturers

  • E+E Elektronik
  • GE Panametrics
  • GEO Calibration
  • Rotronic
  • Thunder Scientific
  • Vaisala

Consistently Accurate Results

Masy is your trusted choice for humidity sensors and instrument calibration. Our expert team is proud to provide the highest precision and the lowest possible error rate. We understand how critical the correct relative humidity level is to a lab or production environment, and we calibrate it right the first time, every time.

Monitoring lab conditions throughout your calibration cycle is critical to accurate results. Masy monitors our lab conditions 24/7 and halts calibrations if conditions stray from your environmental specifications. We record the environmental conditions on each calibration certificate to build greater confidence in our calibration services.

Masy’s primary reference standards are traceable to the International System of Units (SI) through the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) or other national metrology institutes, which allow us to provide optimal measurement accuracy. Many of Masy's primary reference standards are hand-carried to NIST for calibration and direct traceability.


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