Masy Scientific Temperature Standard

One Precise Digital Device for Reliable Liquid-in-Glass Applications

The Masy Scientific Temperature Standard (STS) offers a broad range of temperature measurement with precise accuracy in one easy-to-use handheld digital thermometer. The Masy STS can also serve as a reference standard for calibrating other types of digital or analog temperature indicators. It’s a rugged and reliable complement to, or replacement for, IRTDs.

About Masy’s Scientific Temperature Standard Digital Thermometer

With its compact, integrated design, the Masy STS is usable virtually anywhere. It provides accurate temperature measurement in laboratory, manufacturing, and storage environments. Our STS has up to 300 hours of continuous use on one battery charge and is ready for use whenever you need it. Best of all, it arrives with NVLAP accredited, SI traceable calibration, giving you confidence in your temperature sampling.

Product Features

Integrated, Quick-Response Thin Film Sensor Probe

  • 3/16″ and 1/4″ diameter options
  • 12″ and 18″ length options
  • Rigid probe option with 90° rotation for easy reading
  • Wired probe option for easy interior temperature measurement

User-Configured Interface Options

  • Trend indicator monitors stability and temperature trending
  • Min/max storage and recall
  • Selectable sampling rate
  • High-intensity blue backlight for easy reading in any condition

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