SenseAnywhere Monitoring Systems

A Cloud-Based Temperature, Humidity, and CO2 Monitor

SenseAnywhere is a robust, secure and easy-to-use temperature, humidity, and CO2 monitoring system. This turnkey monitoring system keeps your critical assets safe while in storage or in transit with its real-time data updates and alerts through the cloud.

How does SenseAnywhere work?

The SenseAnywhere temperature monitor is completely wireless, requires minimal set-up, and is incredibly easy to use. Once you connect and register your device, you can start seeing the immediate benefits of this small, but powerful, data logging technology.

Securely Connects to the Cloud

SenseAnywhere utilizes the power of the cloud so your team can access information about your products and environments at any time and from anywhere. The cloud also keeps your data and information safe and secure from external threats.

Provides Real-Time Data

Awareness is critical when storing and transporting sensitive materials. SenseAnywhere provides a constant stream of measurements, up to 1,000,000 measurements and 18,500 events, giving you a complete audit trail.

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Sends Instant Alarms

If temperate or humidity limits exceed your required range, SenseAnwyhere will alert your specified team members so immediate action can take place. This significantly shortens response time and saves your products from damage.

Monitors a Range of Temperatures, Humidity, and Motion

There are many applications for the SenseAnywhere monitor, including chamber mapping projects, drug storage, cold chain transportation, and laboratory environment monitoring. This datalogger has a temperature range of -40°C to 70°C, a humidity range of 0-99% RH, and motion sensing capabilities.


Learn more about the revolutionary SenseAnywhere monitoring system by downloading our brochure about how Masy does environmental monitoring. 

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