Insacal™ Conductivity Meter

A Portable Conductivity Meter with Best-in-Class Accuracy for Multiple Calibration Applications

The Insacal Conductivity Meter is the only portable conductivity standard capable of ±0.37% cell constant accuracy while maintaining a 4:1 test accuracy ratio (TAR). It is extremely easy to use, and it provides the ability to calibrate probes in-line reducing process downtime.


The Insacal Conductivity Meter is capable of highly accurate readings well below the maximum of ±2%. Accuracy like this helps ensure that your process has a low total uncertainty for reduced compliance risk. Insacal is currently the only portable conductivity standard capable of ±0.37% cell constant accuracy.

Ensures USP <645> Compliance

Masy can calibrate every part of your validation system – validator console, sensor input modules, RH sensors, CO2 sensors, and pressure sensors. Our NVLAP-accredited metrology laboratory is equipped with a fully staffed calibration team dedicated to providing the most accurate and reliable validator calibration services for your company (NVLAP lab code 200904-0).

Highly accurate - no need for liquid reference standards

This conductivity meter offers a highly accurate portable conductivity standard that doesn’t require the use of liquid reference standards. Insacal is currently the only conductivity meter and that doesn’t require them. The device weighs in at only 4 Kg (8.8 Lbs.) and can be used for in-line conductivity probe calibration.

Lightweight and portable

Take your conductivity meter where you need to with its lightweight and portable design. The convenience of the design and functionality of the Insacal meter creates greater ease and efficiency for your technicians conducting calibration projects.

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