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Support your in-house projects with our comprehensive suite of precision equipment

Masy’s equipment rental and sales division was born from customer need, like many of our service offerings. Customers began asking us to rent our validation equipment because they needed it for their in-house validation teams. Other validation service providers also approached us for rentals as they had the expertise but not all the equipment. Today, we proudly have the largest and most comprehensive inventory of validation and calibration rental equipment in North America because they rely on us to support their in house applications.

Kaye Validators

Conduct your validation with more ease and efficiency than ever before with the Kaye Validator AVS or Kaye Validator 2000. Kaye’s validator equipment is top of the line and Masy’s own preferred in-house validation tool.

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Insacal™ Conductivity Meter

The Insacal Conductivity Meter provides highly accurate measurements, minimizing measurement uncertainty and product risk. This portable calibrator is the most effective and convenient precision equipment to help your team complete calibration projects.

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Fluke Devices

Fluke deploys the best technology and design to ensure precise measurement and calibration. The Fluke Dry-Block Calibrator and Fluke Digital Reference Thermometer are incredible precision machines for industries that rely on the highest standard of accuracy.

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DataTrace Datalogger

Collect real-time temperature, relative humidity, and differential pressure data with the lightweight DataTrace Dataloggers. These dataloggers are easy to place and report data accurately and securely.

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We provide premium thermocouples optimally designed for validation and thermal mapping. Perform your validation projects with precise thermal measurements, from -200°C to 300°C.

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Masy Scientific Temperature Standard

Masy’s STS digital thermometer is reliable and highly accurate, with a range of temperature measurements from -95°C to 196°C. This easy-to-use, handheld thermometer enables you to take accurate temperature readings anywhere you go.

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Intelligent Solutions in Validation and Calibration Equipment

The goal in the life sciences industry is always getting the drug or device to the patient as quickly as possible, which means you depend on having the right equipment readily accessible. When your equipment fails, or you realize the need for equipment you don’t have, the pressure is on to find that equipment immediately. At Masy, we have a diverse inventory of equipment for calibration and validation projects, so we can help get your project back on track. We proudly use all the same equipment that we rent and sell, so you can be assured that you are getting equipment of the highest caliber that meets regulatory standards. When equipment provides unreliable measurements, there can be devastating consequences, which is why we always offer the best products and outstanding service.

Your operation needs access to critical resources and equipment.

  • Immediate or unplanned need for equipment
  • Limited or unavailable in-house resources
  • Unsure of whether to rent or purchase equipment

Masy provides reliable equipment when and where you need it.

  • Gain the ability to complete projects on your own
  • Rent equipment without committing to big purchases
  • Large inventory of equipment for any project
  • All equipment comes with calibration certificates

Your One-Stop-Shop for Test Equipment

We are your one-stop-shop for all of your test equipment needs. Our inventory includes standards, probes, thermometers, baths, and dataloggers. In addition to a full suite of calibration and validation equipment, we also have temperature standards, baths and drywells, furnaces, CO2 sensors, relative humidity sensors, pressure transducers, steam quality kits, multimeters, and more. We also make and sell high-quality validation thermocouples with chamber feed throughs.
So, whether you are planning a chamber mapping project or looking to increase your own in-house inventory, we have the equipment to complement your existing resources and staff.

Additional Products

Rosemount Pressure Transducers


Rotronic RH Sensor (compatible with Kaye V2K)

Hygroclip RH Assembly (New & Used)

CO2 Sensor Assembly

Rubber Fab Gaskets & Clamps

Masy Folding Validation Cart

Monarch Tach 4 Tachometer

HÄFNER Standard Weights

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Masy provides you with reliable equipment and industry expertise.

One of the benefits we offer our customers is the flexibility to rent or purchase equipment. If you have a short-term need while your equipment is out for repair or a one-time project, rent our equipment as a cost-effective way to keep your project on track. When customers need to make an investment in a piece of equipment, rent first to make sure it meets your requirements.
All preowned and rental equipment is verified, inspected, and calibrated in our state-of-the-art calibration lab. We provide calibration certificates that confirm our SI traceable calibrations NVLAP-accredited to ISO 17025:2017 (NVLAP lab code 200904-0). We make sure that you can count on the accuracy of your measurements.

Our equipment customers continue to come back because we go above and beyond to build relationships and provide exceptional customer service. Masy’s team of dedicated and trained staff know how to help you find the right equipment, whether you know what you want or need suggestions.
We are committed to customer satisfaction, no matter how big or small your needs. We strive to be the best at what we do, which is why every time, you will receive the highest caliber of equipment and service. Customers choose Masy because they trust the Masy quality.

Our state-of-the-art NVLAP-accredited calibration lab ensures all equipment you rent or purchase through Masy is calibrated to the highest standards (NVLAP lab code 200904-0). All rental equipment is verified upon return, giving you full confidence in your measurement results.

Having equipment in-house for all your projects isn’t always feasible. Masy helps you fill the gaps by providing the largest suite of qualification, validation, calibration and metrology equipment in North America – available for rent or purchase based on your needs.

Masy’s priority is the performance and integrity of your operations, so you can continue to deliver high-quality, life-saving products to your patients. We take the time to understand your needs to make the best-fit equipment recommendation for your team and remain available for any questions you have along the way.

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