HÄFNER Standard Weights and Commercial Weights

Masy BioServices is the exclusive North American distributor of high-quality HÄFNER weight standards and laboratory weights.

Since 1933, HÄFNER, a leader in modern weight manufacturing, has been producing high-quality mass reference standards and commercial weight sets in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. HÄFNER weights are renowned worldwide for their reliability and precision.

As a premiere NVLAP-accredited metrology laboratory, Masy BioServices understands the imapct that high-quality mass reference standards and laboratory weights can have on the quality of your processes and products. We use HÄFNER weights in our own mass calibration laboratory; knowing our customers value precision and excellence as much as we do, we have partnered with HÄFNER to make these industry-leading standard weights and commercial weights available in the United States.

We believe that a HÄFNER weight is "the perfect weight." Every HÄFNER blank is formed using special materials, produced using the latest casting technology and high precision CNC processing machines. HÄFNER's surface processing technology ensures a consistently high level of precision for every weight blank.

Each weight is then processed to the given weight value, tested constantly on the most precise scales with calibrated standards, under strictly-controlled environmental conditions. Each HÄFNER weight is then cleaned and tested before delivery, with a certificate documenting the quality and traceability to the national standard.

At Masy we sell 3 different classes of standard and commercial weights from HÄFNER

Standard Weights: Classes E0, E1, E2

High Precision Weights: Classes F1 & F2

Precision Weights and Commercial Weights: M1, M2, M3

Masy BioServices is the Exclusive North American Distributor of HÄFNER Weights

HÄFNER offers a variety of weights and weight sets for your calibration needs. As an authorized distributor of HÄFNER Weights, Masy BioServices can provide you with a full suite of high precision weights, commercial weights and more


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Equipment for Rentals and Sales

Validation Datalogging Systems

Monitoring Systems

Temperature Standards

Temperature Reference Baths

  • Fluke 9190A

  • GE Kaye LTR-140

  • GE Kaye HTR-400

  • GE Kaye CTR-80

  • Hart 7380

Specialty Reference Baths

  • GE Kaye K140-4

  • Fluke 9190

  • Hart Micro-Bath 6102

  • Hart Micro-Bath 7103

  • Hart Portable Furnace 9150

  • Hart Handheld Drywell 9100/9001S

  • Hart Handheld Drywell 9102

Additional Equipment

Mass Calibration & Weight Calibration
NVLAP-accredited Echelon II calibration of your mass reference standards and laboratory weights.
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