Are you securely storing your critical materials at the correct specifications?

The efficacy and integrity of biologic samples and life science products are contingent upon proper handling and storage. Improperly-managed clinical samples can impede the costly and time-consuming process of bringing an important new product to market, and active products can be rendered ineffective by a difference of just a few degrees. Proper biorepository storage affects both patient health and your bottom line.

Proper storage of your condition-sensitive materials requires significant space, overhead, and management focus. Can your team and facility create the right conditions for the best long-term and temporary storage of your most critical samples and products?

Masy’s biorepository offers secure cGMP storage at precisely-controlled conditions.

Masy's continuously-monitored biorepository facility securely stores clinical study samples, vaccines, drug compounds, production stock, medical devices, and other biologic products under precisely-controlled temperature and humidity requirements, from controlled room storage through cryogenic freezing, ensuring the integrity of these valuable materials.

Off-site cGMP biorepository storage allows you to free up your valuable laboratory and production space for new projects. Let our experienced team of biorepository professionals manage your materials, and remove the burden of inventory oversight and chamber monitoring and maintenance. 

Masy BioServices can also perform stability testing at all standard ICH setpoints, execute custom stability testing protocols, and perform accelerated aging studies, verifying the useful life of your products with confidence.

Biostorage with Masy offers confidence at all temperatures.

The process of developing a drug or device from initial conception to final delivery to the patient is lengthy and complex. We know it takes time, patience, and precision for your product to meet the rigorous FDA requirements necessary before it can be given to the patients who need it. Masy has over 30 years of experience with cGMP practices and FDA regulations; we treat your critical materials as if they were our own.

You can have confidence that the materials you entrust to us will remain safe, secure, and compliant to your specifications and tolerances until you need access to them again. 

Store your critical materials today with Masy BioServices.

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Custom Storage Conditions
Our facility conditions include, but are not limited to:
  • Stability Storage (25°C — 40°C)
  • Controlled Storage (20°C — 25°C)
  • Ambient Storage (15°C — 30°C)
  • Refrigerated Storage (2°C — 8°C)
  • Freezer Storage (-20°C)
  • Ultra-Cold Storage (-75°C)
  • Cryogenic LN2 (-196°C)

Biostorage Applications
Consider off-site, secure, and monitored cGMP biostorage for:
  • Mirror banking
  • Emergency storage
  • Contingency planning
  • Overflow storage
  • Transitional storage
  • Long-term storage

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