Services & Products

Masy BioServices' comprehensive suite of services supports every step of the cGMP production chain - from ensuring the accuracy of research and development, through enabling product quality through manufacturing and commercialization, to stability and aging studies and long-term storage of finished products. 

Qualification and Validation Services

We specialize in executing large-scale qualification projects with chambers, autoclaves & warehouses

Metrology and Calibration Services

NVLAP-accredited, NIST-traceable calibration of your metrology standards and instruments.

GMP Biostorage Services

Secure, monitored off-site storage of temperature-sensitive samples and products.

Monitoring Systems

Reliable 24/7 environmental monitoring systems offer peace-of-mind for critical spaces.

Predictive Maintenance Monitoring

Monitoring critical parameters to prevent unforeseen future failures.

Datalogging Systems

Real-time wireless datalogging systems for temperature, pressure, and humidity.

Equipment Rental & Sales

The largest fleet of calibration & validation equipment to support your in-house projects.