About Masy BioServices

Masy BioServices helps life science companies analyze and improve the quality of their research laboratories and production environments, playing a focused role in the development and delivery of leading drugs and devices used to improve patients’ lives.

Your Comprehensive Partner for Ensuring cGMP Production Quality

To control life science product quality, you have to control the process — which includes accurate and precise measurement of all the variables that affect the successful development and manufacturing of life-improving technologies. Masy BioServices' integrated suite of calibration capabilities, validation services, biorepository facility, and equipment inventory can help ensure measurement accuracy in your key research and production facilities.

Unparalleled Expertise in Regulated Environments

For over 30 years, Masy BioServices has served the pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, and other regulated industries. The value we deliver to you comes from the experience of our staff — our metrologists, validation engineers, biorepository operators, and quality assurance professionals who have the experience, training, and credentials to deliver high-quality service.

Unwavering Dedication to Total Quality and cGMP

Masy BioServices is governed by a robust Quality Management System, ensuring compliance with Good Documentation Practices, Good Manufacturing Practices, and other industry-specific best practices. We follow processes to deliver the same high-quality results each and every time. Key employees have achieved industry designations from the American Society for Quality, indicating best-in-class qualifications. We recognize that we are part of a chain that helps deliver medical products to the people who need them, and we take that responsibility seriously; our customers directly benefit from our expertise, our high level of service, and our driving force to always do it right. 

A Robust Scope of Services

Calibration Capabilities

As one of a select number of metrology laboratories in the country accredited by the rigorous NIST National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program to ISO 17025, Masy BioServices calibrates scientific measurement instruments with an unparalleled degree of accuracy. 

Instruments can be shipped to Masy to calibrate in our laboratory under precise environmental conditions, or can be performed on-site at customer facilities. Our NIST-traceable calibration certificates record the calibration standards used in the process and identify the pass/fail status of each piece of equipment.

Validation Services

Masy’s validation services group qualifies critical research, development, and production equipment ensuring the highest quality of product development. 

We use testing equipment at customer sites to validate environmental chambers such as refrigerators, freezers, incubators, and stability areas. We also validate sterilizers, depyrogenation ovens, and bioreactors. We assemble test data and write a comprehensive summary report, identifying whether the equipment meets its intended purpose.

cGMP Biorepository Facility

Masy’s continuously-monitored biorepository facility securely stores clinical study samples, vaccines, drug compounds, production stock, and other medical products under precisely-controlled temperature and humidity requirements, from controlled room storage through cryogenic freezing, ensuring the integrity of these valuable materials.

Masy BioServices can also perform stability testing at all standard ICH conditions, execute custom stability testing protocols, and perform accelerated aging studies.

Datalogging & Environmental Monitoring

Temperature, humidity, and pressure can affect the quality and safety of your products. With wireless datalogging and environmental monitoring systems, you can have accurate measurements of environmental conditions at your fingertips — giving you on-demand insight to the conditions affecting your laboratory, production line, or storage facility.

Masy’s experience in thousands of regulated life science research and production facilities can help you configure the appropriate wireless datalogging or monitoring system for your specific needs.

Based in Pepperell, Massachusetts; Serving Customers World-Wide

Masy BioServices' roots are in the suburban family community of Pepperell, MA, but our close proximity to the Boston, Massachusetts metro area allows us to offer our services not only in New England or along the East Coast, but across North America and beyond — we have successful client relationships across the globe. Contact us today to learn more about how Masy BioServices can help solve your calibration, qualification, and biostorage challenges with superior service, quality, and speed.

Masy Systems is now Masy BioServices! This evolution of our name and insignia is the external sign of our internal focus on continuing - and elevating - the delivery of superlative services to pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology companies, helping them to more safely and confidently produce life-saving products. 

While our name and logo may be evolving, what hasn't changed is our unshakable commitment to providing quality and value to the companies who make us a trusted part of the chain that delivers medical products to the people who need them. 

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