Welcome to Masy Systems

Masy Systems delivers measurable quality to pharmaceutical, medical device, and other life science industries through:

• NIST-traceable calibration of analytical and processing instrumentation
• Precise validation of environmental storage chambers, including ultra-cold freezers
• Supplying wireless data logging systems, environmental monitoring systems, and calibration and validation equipment
• Offering secure, continuously-monitored off-site cGMP biopharma storage space

We play a critical role in the development and delivery of several leading drugs and devices designed to greatly improve peoples' lives. 

Conveniently located in the life science hub of the greater Boston & Cambridge, Massachusetts area, Masy Systems can confidently support biopharma production operations around the world.

Since 1984, Masy Systems has built a reputation for knowledge and experience, professionalism, prompt service, and attention to even the smallest details. Our business has grown by understanding the unique needs of our customers and their regulatory requirements, and delivering solutions and services that help make them more successful.

See what Masy can do to improve the quality of your biopharma operations today.

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